Pickup & Delivery Service

Your packed belongings will be transported from your doorstep to our storage facility.

Guide to using DOOR-TO-DOOR Pickup & Delivery Service

1. Select your storage unit

Please see storage unit sizes and prices to support your decision.

2. Give us a call

Consult with our team about your service requirements.

3. Select your mover

We have a variety of official moving partners for you to pick from. We constantly monitor the feedback our customers give us about these moving companies, to make sure we are always working with the best.

4. Photograph your items

Please tell us the date and time of your move. Pickup and delivery location. Take photos and create a list of your belongings.

5. Confirmation & Pay

After receiving your email with the required information, we will provide you with a quotation and payment details.

6. Pickup & Delivery

Our partner will move your belongings from your doorstep to the ARYU location of your choice.

7. Prepare your documents

Please prepare a signed copy of ARYU Terms & Conditions and a signed copy of your ID card or passport. On the pickup date, pass your documents to the moving partner team.

8. Padlock

If you have a padlock, please pass it unlocked to the moving partner and we will place the lock on your storage door at ARYU.

9. Confirmation

After all of your belongings have been safely stored inside your new storage unit, we will send photos via email for your peace of mind.